Welcome to LeagueChief

The final version of LeagueChief is 2.6.5 and was released on April 21st, 2011. It is no longer available for download. This page remains available as a reference to the existing users. Existing users, email me and check in once awhile. Gimme a shout if you want to see if any fixes/updates are available.

Domain for Sale

The www.leaguechief.com and www.leaguechief.net domains are for sale. Email us if you are interested.

Feature Highlights

  • It handles 9 hole leagues that have 2 Person teams scoring in a Match Play format.
  • Golf Courses can be set up with 9,18, or 27 holes and an unlimited number of Tees.
  • Leagues can utilize mixed Tees for their Players/Subs (i.e. Men with Women). The Schedule can even play a league from different Golf Courses throughout the season.
  • You can print to your own golf course's cards or blank card stock, printing data such as:  Player names, handicaps, pops, and user defined informative messages. 
  • A website can be generated (make sure to check out the 'Showcase Users' links). The website includes information such as:  Schedule, Contact List, Sub List, Weekly Standings, Weekly Results, and League Information.  This is generated in seconds by a click of the mouse button and is published to your Website just as effortlessly.
  • Skins (Net and/or Gross) are calculated automatically and Proxies (Hole Prizes) can be tracked and awarded.
  • A communication engine is available within the application, so personalized emails can be sent to all players in the league.
  • The Phonebook data is carried from year to year and league to league, so setup is quick.
  • A Waiting List screen is available to help you track participants for an upcoming League Season.
  • Numerous reports are available that can be posting at the golf course or can be emailed to your players.
  • Quick data entry designed to make Score Entry efficient and lightning fast.
  • Points, handicaps, A/B, Skins, and Proxies are calculated with a click of the button.
  • With only a few mouse clicks, seamlessly replace a Player who has quit the league.
  • Sample data is provided which includes 10 people, a league that's a few weeks into the season, an 18 hole golf course with 4 sets of tees, and a couple of waiting lists. You can rename these phonebook entries to your first participants and see how LeagueChief works with players and subs that look familiar to you.
  • You can even import your phonebook data from an Excel spreadsheet or other Comma Separated Value formatted file!
  • Player and Sub photographs that can be managed within LeagueChief and published to your Website on the Player/Sub Details pages.