Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Here, you will find resources and answers to some common questions about using LeagueChief to Manage your Golf League.

Registering / Installation

  Who do I contact with questions about LeagueChief?

How can I get this program to manage my golf league?

Why is LeagueChief no longer available for download?

Can I run the program on multiple computers (i.e. work/home or home/laptop)?

I purchased the software, what if I leave the League, can I give my program to someone else that is taking over as Comissioner/Secretary?

Functionality Questions

  How many teams does LeagueChief handle?

What if my league has 2 different Flights?

How many Leagues can I manage with LeagueChief?

Does it handle any number of players on a Team?

How does it calculate Handicaps?

What is a Match Play Format?

Can I use the program with a 9 hole course?

Can I use the program with a 27 hole course?

What if we have some really good players with Zero or "Plus" handicaps; Does LeagueChief handle this?

I see the word "Pops" in the documentation, what is that?

It looks like I'm losing data when I move off a record, why?

How does LeagueChief handle points for a no-show?

Can a Player from one team play both of the Matches if his partner doesn't show?

Do you have any tips on setting up the Initial Website location?

What if my League has mixed Tees, Men with Women on the same team?

My League plays different Courses throughout the season. Does LeagueChief handle that?

What if I have some Score History for Players. Can I use that in the Initial Handicap Calculation?

Can my Website include multiple years of data?

I would like another Report that's not part of the product, how can I get that into the software?

We have additional Skins games with some specific rules, how do we handle this?

Errors and Exceptions

  When I run LeagueChief, I get a #5118 Error mentioning Compressed Database. Why?

When I run LeagueChief, I get a "Failed to connect to SQL Server Express" Why?

When I install LeagueChief, I get an error that says "An Error Has Occured" and the details are: An error has occured while trying to activate LeagueChief. LeagueChief was not activated on your system. Your registration could not be completed because you do not have permission to install the necessary files. Why?

When I install LeagueChief, I get a "5133 Directory Lookup for the file ... failed." Why?

When I install LeagueChief, I get a "911 Could not locate entry in sysdatabases for database 'lcgolf'. No entry found with that name. Make sure the name is entered correctly." Why?

When I install the Prerequisites, I receive an error "Prerequisite check for system component SQL Server 2005 Express Edition failed with the following error message: "This version of SQL Server 2005 Express Edition is not supported for the current processor architecture". Why?